Yoseph Christian Taslim
Yoseph Christian Taslim

Tempat, tanggal lahir
Jakarta, 9 Desember 1995

Ekonomi & Sosiologi, Semester 3

19 tahun

Olah raga & baca buku

Genre musik favorit
Pop, rock, jazz

Warna favorit
Hitam, biru, putih, abu-abu

Makanan favorit
Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Indonesian food


  1. Menjadi organisasi terbaik dalam pengembangan kepemimpinan dan kreativias pelajar Indonesia di University of Melbourne.
  2. Menjadi duta Indonesia yang baik dengan memperkenalkan budaya Indonesia supaya dapat menciptakan hubungan people-to-people yang baik dengan warga Australia.


  1. Menjadi wadah sosialisasi dan persahabatan pelajar Indonesia di University of Melbourne.
  2. Melanjutkan, mengembangkan dan menginovasikan proyek, acara dan program PPIA Unimelb dengan memperhitungkan kepentingan seluruh pelajar Indonesia di University of Melbourne.

Gambaran pemimpin

Untuk organisasi mahasiswa seperti PPIA, seorang pemimpin yang ideal menurut saya adalah pemimpin yang dapat menjadi contoh dan mengembangkan para pengurus dalam segi kreativitas, kepemimpinan dan percaya diri.

Program kerja

11th Indonesian Film Festival

MUISA’s signature annual event, this is a collaboration event with Indonesian Film Festival Inc, a non-profit organisation. A showcase of the best classic and contemporary films in Indonesian cinema, including popular opening and closing night galas. The festival aims to unveil the richness of Indonesian culture, its natural beauty and diverse society by exposing audiences to a different side of the country that is rarely seen. Aside from the main event itself, the Festival also features other events both pre and post-festival, ranging from competitions, to meet and greet sessions with famous Indonesian film personalities specially flown from Jakarta.

Perspektif Magazine

Perspektif is a biannual magazine showcasing Indonesian talent, ideas, and initiatives. This semester, Perspektif has reached its fifth volume and will launch the 6th volume by the beginning of next semester.

Sobat PPIA (First 4-weeks of every semester)

In the “Sobat PPIA” program, new students will be assigned to a senior PPIA member, a ‘sobat’, who’ll try their best to show new students the ropes – campus tours, lunches, basically just someone to talk to if that’s what you need – and help them assimilate into a comfortable life in Melbourne. The most important aim is to show new students that they are not alone in this new city.

The Forum (31st October 2015 & March 2016)

MUISA’s next big event, the talk show will be held twice in the coming period. First introduced early last year, the event has aims to provide audiences with insightful information towards current issue in Indonesia. The estimated attendance for the talk show is 150-200 people in each event.

PPIA Got Talent (March 2016)

Annual talent show for MUISA members is coming back for its second year! The event has mission to develop creativity and confidence of MUISA members. Our outstanding performers added to the competition system with interactive judges, really attracted audiences for the event itself

Start Smart (May 2016)

One of MUISA’s annual event in assisting career preparation for the members. In this event the main goal is to provide our members with valuable insight in terms of providing CV seminar, consultation, and mock interview.

BBQ / opening & closing event (At least twice per semester)

Twice per semester, MUISA holds a free BBQ or gathering events that are held inside the Melbourne University campus. Aside from promoting MUISA to wider community, the event is also designed to welcome new MUISA members and get them acquainted with other members.

Sport activities (weekly)

MUISA holds weekly sports sessions, ranging from futsal, basketball to badminton. Matches can be between fellow MUISA members or competitions with other universities in Melbourne. Games are conducted at North Melbourne or the University Sports Centre.

Latar belakang pendidikan

1-6 SD: Sekolah Dian Harapan
SMP 1-2: Sekolah Dian Harapan
SMP3-SMA3: Sekolah Pelita Harapan

Part time

Pernah part-time di Yuzu Café & Cuisine

Panutan leader di Indonesia

Anies Baswedan, Ahok Basuki Purnama, Jokowi

Kontribusi untuk Indonesia sebagai Ketua PPIA

Mengembangkan calon-calon pemimpin Indonesia yang dibangun dari PPIA Melbourne University.

Pengharapan sebagai Ketua PPIA

Kesempatan untuk memperbesar jaringan dengan anggota-anggota PPIA ranting lainnya dan juga kesempatan untuk mengembangkan para anggota-anggota internal PPIA Melbourne University.


“It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur. You take the front line when there is danger. Then people will appreciate your leadership.” – Nelson Mandela

“A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: We did it ourselves.” – Lau Tzu