Q: What you think of the virus? Any feng shui element to this? Any wise prediction for the next many months?

A: This year is the combination of Yang Metal and Rat (Water element). Metal element relates to the respiratory system, Lungs and skin, hence no wonder we have this Covid-19 (relates to respiratory system and Lungs) pandemic.

Water element (Rat’s sign) relates to fear, hence no wonder we see majority of us succumbed / controlled by fear. Mass hysteria over this Covid-19 pandemic and the economic financial fallout. Hope that simple illustration explains.

Q: Yes I will research more on this topic. So it will last for one more year it seems until next new year.

A: This is not prediction or such, just from analytical, hopefully after July – August 2020 the issue will get better / controlled. What has happened in China can illustrated the scenario. The problem started in December 2019 and now (in March 2020) it has been controlled / contained. And the matter gets better, or at least not get worsen. Hopefully, if we all can work together hand in hand to our best to combat the virus, what has happened in China can replicate here!

Q: Yes we hope so. Thank you for your explanation.

A: My pleasure. Keep fit, stay healthy physically and emotionally for you and family qnd do not forget to be able to keep positive perspective, logical thinking and our sanity always in check in this not so pleasant environment!

Q: Thanks, you too!

Suhana Lim
Certified Feng Shui Practitioner
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