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Feast Asia, a festival of food and culture

Feast Asia, a festival of food and culture

To Asia and back in a single day!

Join the Chinese, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Japanese, Indonesian, Thai and Filipino communities for Feast Asia, a festival of food and culture at Melbourne’s Immigration Museum – 1 May, 10am–5pm.

The rise of Asia has changed the world and continues to become a defining feature of the 21st century. In recent years, the continent’s extraordinary ascent has had a significant impact on Australia but this shift is just as much social as it is cultural. Feast Asia  festival brings together a banquet of ideas, experiences and flavours from a host of Asian Australian communities.

Souce Ghost Kitchen“The Asian continent is so incredibly vast, and Australia sits on its doorstep. Each element of Feast Asia, from the food to the performances, will provide festival goers with an opportunity to experience the sheer diversity that the region has to offer,” said Eleni Kaponis, the Immigration Museum’s program manager.

“Where else can people find Taiko drumming and Martial arts workshops alongside Filipino BBQ, Vietnamese coffee and Chinese mask making? Feast Asia is just what the name suggests, a feast of cultural delights that go beyond just food,” Melbourne is known for its multiculturalism. A day out in the city can take you from a Japanese onsen, to an Italian gelateria or a Korean karaoke bar in a matter of minutes and that is driven by a hunger for authentic cultural experiences.

 “At the Immigration Museum we produce our festivals in collaboration with Melbourne’s multicultural communities and this makes for something really authentic,” “Community consultations have steered us into a particularly interesting direction for Feast Asia  and as a result the festival will feature an Asian beer bar and concert hall, panel discussions, a Pokémon swap meet and complimentary tastings of the finest whiskey from the region,” Ms Kaponis said.

Feast Asia  is part of the North South Feast West series of cultural events at the Immigration Museum

Feast Asia 2016

Feast Asia
Sunday 1 May, 10am –5pm
Immigration Museum, 400 Flinders Street Melbourne
Adults $17, Concession and Children FREE