CARI HUTAN – film screening and fundraiser

You are invited to the screening of ‘In Search of Forest/Cari Hutan’ by Florian Augustin, a documentary set in Kalimantan/Borneo depicting locals’ perspectives of the environmental and humanitarian issue of deforestation/illegal logging.

This event is a fundraiser for Indonesian Rainforest Foundation’s reforestation projects in Kalimantan/Borneo and Java, so you can directly be part of a movement that improve the livelihoods local logging and palm oil communities! By purchasing a ticket, you will be giving them an alternative way of life, one that preserves the natural eco-system and culture, in the face of devastating climate catastrophes.

Get a drink on us with your $10 tickets!

Drinks and finger foods will be served from 6-8 PM.

See you all there!


[alert color=”C24000″ icon=”9998″]How to get there[/alert]Public Transport:
1. From the city, take tram 48 on Collins St towards North Balwyn.
2. Close your eyes and take deep breaths for 10 minutes. Open them up and look for a sign that says stop 18.
3. Get off stop 18, walk a few steps and take a left on Church St.
4. Walk along Church St while fighting the temptation to cross towards McDonalds. A few more steps and Maccas will be too far away.
5. Keep your eyes on the left side, stop at the sign 222-224.
6. Walk up the stairs and say hello, tell someone you bought tickets online.
7. Stick out your palm and get a nice drink from the pretty boys and girls at the desk!
8. Buy raffle tickets because you want to win a trip to Bali or Manila while putting young kids to school.
9. Eat free snacks, talk to people, watch Cari Hutan intently, and book a trip (ride your push bike?) to Borneo to play with Orangutans after planting seedlings!





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