Community Advocacy Alliance (CAA) is a not for profit charity organisation. It’s membership is comprised of former senior police officers and citizens from many other walks of life. It actively promotes best practice for police service delivery in our democratic and multicultural society. It also strives to be a voice for the community of Victoria and advocates their values.

The CAA identifies corruption as one of the most serious threats to democracy, impacting on the well being of every citizen of Victoria. For that reason the CAA focused its attention on the issue of corruption. It examined the best way which would address corruption and restore the confidence of Victorians in the processes adopted. The result of the CAA’s in-depth research into corruption was the release of a comprehensive paper Victoria’s Anti-Corruption War.

It has been estimated that in Victoria we lose $23,938 billion to corruption or $4000 for everybody in this State, including children.

The biggest failure of our society is to identify and implement meaningful actions to address the problem.

Community Advocacy Alliance Inc.

The CAA has recommended a new and innovative strategy of addressing corruption, namely the establishment of the Victorian Truth and Integrity Commission chaired by a Supreme Court Judge equivalent from another jurisdiction. This would ensure citizens’ confidence that their corruption Integrity Commissioner is truly independent of Government.

The Commission would report its findings on an annual basis to the Parliament or at some other time if the Commissioner determines that the Parliament should be advised on urgent matters.

The primary function of the independently sourced Commission would be to effectively reduce corruption in Victoria.

The CAA is mindful that the members from our Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities naturally wish to ensure that they themselves and their children live in the society guaranteeing safety and observation of human rights. In the democratic society respecting every individual. The society where corruption is not tolerated. Where it is actively identified and perpetrators are dealt with in accordance with the law.

We believe that together we can fight this phenomenon in our society.

Let us remember that:

Corruption undermines democracy;

Corruption facilitates autocratic leadership;

Corruption hijacks our political processes;

Corruption hurts the most vulnerable people;

Corruption causes that Government services are poorly delivered;

Corruption feeds commercial greed;

The CAA encourages Victorians to read the far reaching Victoria’s Anti-Corruption War paper which is readily available at

For further information and comments please contact:

Mr Kel Glare, Chair, CAA, Email:

Mr Ivan W. Ray, CEO, CAA Email:






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