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BIOSKOP, our gift to Australia and Indonesia

BIOSKOP, our gift to Australia and Indonesia

Indonesian movie industry has developed significantly in the last decade and it is starting to make its mark internationally with awards and inclusion of Indonesian films/movies in prestigious festivals such as Cannes Film Festival, also Indonesian movie stars debut in Hollywood Blockbuster, such as Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

BIOSKOP (Bahasa Indonesia for ‘movie theatre’) is an initiative of proud Indonesians and Australians who are keen to promote Indonesian creative industry, specifically movies, here in Australia. BIOSKOP will present monthly screenings of Indonesian newest box office movies. The soft launching of BIOSKOP will take place on 9 October 2016 at 2pm EAT at HOYTS Melbourne Central. BIOSKOP is honoured to invite dignitaries from the Consulate General of Indonesia and officials from the Multicultural Department of Victoria.

Rudy Habibie – the box office movie by Hanung Bramantyo – is selected to be the first movie screened by BIOSKOP in Australia, as it represents BIOSKOP’s inspiration and pride: “no matter where, we are and will always be Indonesian in our heart”.

The first screening of Rudy Habibie is scheduled to start at 3pm at HOYTS Melbourne Central on 9 October 2016. Viewers will be able to see the struggles of B.J. Habibie (played by Reza Rahardian); Indonesia’s 3rd President, a technocrat, a valuable asset in the history of Indonesia, who made his name in the world of aerospace and aerodynamics engineering; along with other young Indonesians studying abroad in the 1950s about their views of home, friendship, nationalism, and pluralism.

Mr. B.J. Habibie once eloquently said “Be the best that you can be, and give the best that you can give”. BIOSKOP is our gift to Indonesia, our way of showing our love for Indonesia’s culture and nation. BIOSKOP is also our present to Australia, especially those who would like to know more about Indonesia through films.

Rudy Habibie will be shown in Bahasa Indonesia with english subtitle. HOYTS Xtreme Screen cinema has been selected to ensure maximum cinematic experience for the screening. The movie is expected to receive G rating from the Australian Classification Board.

Tickets to this screening is at $20 each and can be purchased by visiting www.bioskop.com.au, through our contact centre on +61 383 767 717, or by calling our Indonesian team; Inda +61 432 031 341, Toro +61 401 372 353 or Astrid + 61 401 746 496.