5 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Wedding Videographer

There are millions of things to consider when organising a wedding. Lots of decision need to be made, massive amount of questions need to be answered.

Here is a list of questions that you may ask when hiring a wedding videographer:

1. Do we really need a videographer?

Some couple might think that having a photographer is enough to document their day.

As a wedding videographer, of course we beg to differ.

We think photography and videography serve its own purposes, as both convey different feel and evoke different emotion.

Photography is classic and timeless, it’ll hang on your wall where every guest can see it, and it reminds you of the day every time you look at it.

However, there is only so much story and emotion that can be derived from a frame of photo.

oscar-athina-wedding-filmVideo, on the other hand, when its properly done, will take you straight back to the day and that moment. The moment when you walk down the aisle or the reaction of the groom seeing you for the first time.

These are the things that photographer can capture beautifully, but videographer can relive it and evoke emotion into the clip.

Have a look at this highlight we did for Oscar & Athina and watch the groom cry when Athina walked down the aisle:


2. What is the different between Cinematography and Videography?

In recent times, more and more Wedding Videographer try to distinguish and claim themselves as Cinematographer. Technically, it may not be the correct term, however it all depends how you interpret or define Cinematography and Videography.

I personally think that the term Cinematographer is strictly for those who works in a film set, and Videographer is basically the person who capturing video. Therefore, technically speaking, the term Videographer is more accurate to describe the person who capture an event, such as wedding. However, aesthetically modern Wedding Video is pretty much a short film of a wedding. Therefore, there is nothing wrong by claiming to be Wedding Cinematographer, as generally they produce short film of the wedding they shoot.

In saying that, there are lots of great wedding production company that call themselves Wedding Videographer that is as good (aesthetically) as wedding production company that call themselves Wedding Cinematographer.

What more important is the work that they do suits your style and taste, whether they claim to be Wedding Cinematographer or Wedding Videographer.

3. Do I have to pose or act in front of the camera?

No. Although it depends on your style and taste.

I myself never direct my couple. As more often than not, the couple become awkward and forceful, which sometimes leads to tacky or cringeworthy shots.

I’m fairly candid on my approach, letting the day unfolds on its own. Instead of directing, I subtlety suggest my couple so the act that they do is natural and genuine.

wedding-film-jacnita-travFor instance, if I want to make the bride smile, instead of telling her to smile, I engage in light conversation with her. She will smile or laugh naturally afterwards. As a result, the couple will find it easy being around my camera and act naturally throughout the day.

That is why I also always introduce myself to the bridal party and the family, to make sure that I’m not just a stranger with a camera and that makes them comfortable when I point my camera towards them.

Therefore, it is important to meet the Videographer who will shoot on the day. Because you will be with them for most parts of the day. Choose a Videographer that is approachable and you can connect on personal level. That way, you, your bridal party, your family and even your photographer will enjoy their company. As a result everyone will enjoy their day and you will be able to see it through the wedding video.

Take a look at this Highlight video we did for Phil and Jenna to see what happen when everyone is enjoying their day:


4. How many videographers do I need to capture my day? Will the videographer(s) be unobtrusive on the day?

Filming a wedding is always a fine balance between capturing the shot and being as unobtrusive as possible, especially during formality. As much as we want to get the best angle or the best framing, we also don’t want to block the view of your parents when you exchange vows.

Therefore, I think two videographers are enough for most weddings. I myself normally shoot alone, with two cameras during most formalities if possible. One unmanned on the tripod, one roam around with me to get the different angles and reaction shots. We also try our best to be as discreet as possible. This is again to ensure that we won’t disrupt the most important moment in your life.

5. What music should I choose for our wedding video?

Choosing music is a very important part of wedding video. Audio and video should work together to create a feeling to tell the story of your wedding day. We got a lot of request from our couple to use a particular song that they like and they have a history to it.

This is understandable, however, the song that you listen on the radio on your first date, or the one you play on the day you get proposed, may not work for the edit. Also, you probably don’t have the license or copyright to use the song for the video.

However, there are websites out there that provide licensing for song by independent artist around the world. My personal favourite is www.musicbed.com, however there are also marmosetmusic.com and the likes.

We respect the work of artist and musician, so we think its only fitting if we purchase the licensing of the song from them.

This mean we can work together with to pick the right song, and lots of our couple appreciate the process. We normally suggest to our couple songs from the website that we think work with your vibe and your style. That way the song that they pick will enhance the story and the footage.

On our perspective, it also means we can get away from editing our footage to the songs by Bruno Mars or Michael Buble over and over and over and over again :)))

Have a look at this clip that we did for Adriana & Nick, which wedding was a little bit quirky and chic, so we chose songs that best represent it:


On the other hand, we chose song that is more atmospheric and relaxing to Ben & Courtney highlight as we think it fits their personality best:


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